Antique Furniture in Fayetteville, AR

mid century modern furnitureThere’s so much to love about antique furniture. Not only is it stylish and reminiscent of times gone by, it’s also well-made, comfortable and even valuable in some cases!

If you’re considering decorating your home with antique furniture in Fayetteville, AR or adding a new favorite piece to your growing collection, swing by Lizzie B’s Vintage Shoppe.

We have a great selection of antique furniture that’s always changing.

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  • All Types of Furniture

    From an antique desk, to a vintage armchair, to a classic sofa—there’s a lot to see at our furniture store in Fayetteville, AR! We frequently carry pieces from past decades and early eras, giving you plenty of different styles to choose from across all different types of furniture. Come and check out a real wood rocking chair from the 1940s or a mid-century modern couch from the 60s! You’re bound to find a chair, sofa, desk, table or something else that inspires you to bring it home.

  • Great Condition

    Unlike flea markets or auction houses that sell off furniture in whatever condition it’s in, you can count on Lizzie B’s Vintage Shoppe to only offer you well-kempt, clean vintage furniture in Fayetteville, AR. Each piece we take in and sell to our customers is thoroughly cleaned and beautifully presented.

    You won’t find any junk here—just classic treasures at great prices, ready for a spot in your home!

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home decor giftsAt Lizzie B’s Vintage Shoppe, we’re always welcoming new furniture pieces into our store and constantly waving goodbye to the great pieces our shoppers leave with.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a unique antique or are just looking to browse to see what you might find, you’re likely to find a treasure here! And don’t forget, we even offer delivery if you find a piece that will not fit into your car, of up to ten miles, so make sure to inquire!

Stop in today to browse our current selection or give us a call today at 479-966-4022 if you’re searching for something in particular.

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